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为什么科? Because experience is important to an exceptional education. Because community is a building block to success. Because these years should be some of the most memorable you’ll have.

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Founded in 1851, Coe College is a nationally recognized four-year 私人 college. But there’s much more to say about Coe, so let’s start with this...

  • You'll build relationships in the 教室. Almost all of our professors hold the highest degree in their fields, so wouldn’t it be great if students were com为table enough to just pick their brain like you’re having a coffee together? That’s what happens at Coe. We have the most accessible professors in Iowa (#20 in the nation) according to 普林斯顿评论.
  • You'll stack professional experiences, like internships or research, on top of what you study. That leads to a deeper level of learning and helps build an attractive resume be为e graduation. Coe is the #10 私人 college in the nation 为 internships according to 普林斯顿评论, and we are also one of just a few 私人 colleges to be a Research 为 Undergraduate Experiences site, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
  • You'll become part of a nurturing and lively campus environment. Living and learning go hand-in-hand and we want you to live your best life with great friends. +, Cedar Rapids has arts, 博物馆, 公园, 小径, semi-professional sports and festivals — all the amenities of a larger city.
Coe College Students in a Lab


书写笔-图标 3.6


毕业帽图标 11 :1

Student to 教师 Ratio

人群图标 16


地球线-图标 50 %

of Students Are from Out-of-State

公文包图标 100 %

of Students Are Guaranteed an Internship, Research or Off-Campus Opportunity

人群图标 90 %

of Students Are Involved in One or More Student Organizations

科旗-图标 35 %

of the Student Body Competes in a Varsity Sport

剪贴板-图标 1 k +

Internships, Jobs and Entertainment Opportunities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Success in the real world


Internships confirm career choices

“If I didn't have my internship I wouldn't have had any experience at a law firm going into law school. It's really helping me see what daily life would look like 为 me as a lawyer. I'm definitely on the right career path.”